Real-time, data-rich payments

The New Payments Platform (NPP) is Australia's national fast payments infrastructure.

It was launched in 2018 to facilitate data-rich, real-time payments and help set up Australia's digital economy for the future.

More than 100 banks, credit unions, building societies, fintechs and other organisations use the platform to support real-time payments for consumers, businesses and government agencies.


Real-time clearing and settlement for simple or complex payments.

Always available

The platform operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


More information with payments for efficient and automated processes.

Simpler addressing

Direct and receive payments easily and securely, using PayID® and an identifier such as a mobile number, email, ABN.


A platform for innovation, today and into the future

Whether it’s for simple account-to-account payments or more complex business, corporate or government payments, we're continually evolving the platform’s capability to meet the future needs of the Australian market.

Discover the solutions available on the NPP


Osko® is the secure payment service which enables real-time payments between bank accounts.

Data-rich payments (CAT SCT) allows the embedding of data and classification of payment types such as payroll, super or tax.

International Payments Service (IPS) For the domestic leg on inbound international payments, IPS delivers faster payments, more detailed payment information and better financial crime control.


PayID® is a simpler way to address payments with an easy-to-use identifier such as mobile number, email address, ABN or organisation ID.

Confirmation of payee will provide the ability to check the account name before a payment is made to a new BSB and account number. Coming soon.


PayTo® is a modern digital payment solution providing consumers with more visibility and control and enabling businesses to initiate real-time payments from customers’ accounts.


Financial institutions that offer the NPP

Over 100 financial institutions provide NPP-enabled services to their customers.

Latest NPP updates

It’s going to be a massive year for the Payments & Schemes team within AP+ with support for migration of (read more)
15 January 2024
Australian Payments Plus (AP+) has resolved to work with NPP Participants to deliver a Confirmation of Payee service for payments (read more)
30 November 2023
Take a closer look inside fast payments with NPP Soundbites. A podcast where organisations and government departments share their insights (read more)
11 August 2023
Awareness of PayID amongst consumers and small businesses is set to boost with a brand new campaign launching this week. (read more)
23 November 2022
The NPP October 2022 Roadmap has been published. An update on the NPP roadmap is now available providing the latest (read more)
4 November 2022
Australia’s first payment service providers have commenced offering PayTo to their merchant and business customers, as the financial services sector (read more)
30 June 2022
One in four PayID users have stopped or edited a PayID payment, preventing a mistaken payment or money being sent (read more)
18 June 2022
The potential of PayTo was on full display at this year’s inaugural Real Time Payments Summit – “More than just (read more)
25 May 2022
NPP is pleased to see eInvoicing gathering momentum in Australia. Treasury’s recent consultation on the business adoption of eInvoicing also (read more)
13 April 2022
Paypa Plane to connect directly to the NPP as preparations for PayTo continue NPP Australia is pleased to confirm that (read more)
14 March 2022
Replays are now available for the NPP virtual update held on 12 October. Adrian Lovney, CEO, NPP Australia, provided an (read more)
11 November 2021
NPP Australia’s six-monthly NPP Roadmap has been published. NPP Australia’s six-monthly NPP Roadmap has been published here. Katrina Stuart, NPP Australia’s (read more)
29 October 2021
Zepto (the Australian fintech previously known as Split Payments) has become the first non-ADI and accredited CDR data recipient approved (read more)
26 October 2021
Wise Australia – the Australian arm of global technology company Wise – is the latest organisation to become an NPP (read more)
27 September 2021
Login details have now been sent to registered attendees. If you have registered but did not receive login details, please (read more)
16 September 2021
ACCC authorises amalgamation of BPAY Group, eftpos and NPP Australia to form Australian Payments Plus The Industry Committee and Australian (read more)
9 September 2021
The ACCC has authorised the amalgamation of BPAY Group, eftpos and NPPA to form Australian Payments Plus The three entities (read more)
9 September 2021
We welcome and support the ACCC’s ongoing consultation regarding the proposed merger of BPAY, eftpos and New Payments Platform Australia (read more)
8 August 2021
NPP Australia Limited has acknowledged with deep sympathy the passing of independent director Chloe Munro AO, following illness. Chloe joined (read more)
21 July 2021
The Payments Industry Committee (“the Applicants”) has formally responded to the ACCC’s preliminary views regarding the proposed merger of eftpos, (read more)
7 July 2021
Get your early bird tickets for NPP Australia's inaugural Real Time Payments Summit Join NPPA as we bring together an (read more)
2 June 2021
Latest NPP Roadmap presents name of Mandated Payments Service Every six months, the NPP Roadmap provides an updated overview of (read more)
30 April 2021
To create a more efficient and agile Australian payments group to deliver new payments innovations faster for the benefit of (read more)
23 March 2021
NPP Australia's submission to Treasury’s Review of the Australian Payments System. NPP Australia has provided a submission to Treasury’s Review of (read more)
9 February 2021
Combining NPP functionality with eInvoicing enables seamless ‘procure to pay’ The digital exchange of invoices between a supplier and buyer’s (read more)
2 February 2021
eftpos, BPAY Group and NPPA to be preserved as distinct operations under a single Board with a shared roadmap for (read more)
15 December 2020
The most recent version of the NPP Roadmap is now available Every six months, NPP Australia updates and publishes its (read more)
2 November 2020
Five million PayIDs have now been registered by Australian consumers and businesses looking for a simple and cashless way to (read more)
24 July 2020
The RBA’s Review of Retail Payments Regulation (published 29 November 2019) invited views about whether any changes or consolidation of (read more)
4 June 2020
The NPP Mandated Payments Service (MPS) will support ‘write’ access for third party payment initiation for real-time, account-to-account payments. NPP (read more)
21 May 2020
As businesses battle the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis, more are advertising PayID as a payment alternative to cash, (read more)
11 May 2020
NPP Australia has been working extensively with the industry to develop the Mandated Payments Service (MPS), as outlined in the (read more)
7 May 2020
NPP Australia is committed to extending and enhancing the capability of the NPP to meet the needs of participating financial (read more)
30 April 2020
With more than one billion invoices generated in Australia every year, eInvoicing presents a significant opportunity for the Australian economy (read more)
21 February 2020
NPP Australia’s opening statement to the Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology Today NPP Australia participated in (read more)
20 February 2020
NPP Australia’s (NPPA) shareholders have voted to appoint Elizabeth Hallett as the entity’s third independent director at an Extraordinary General (read more)
13 February 2020
The NPP Regulations define the conditions for sending cross-border payments to payees via the NPP, including identifying them as cross-border (read more)
10 February 2020
NPP Australia (NPPA) recently responded to the Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology On the eve of (read more)
21 January 2020
A new version of the NPP API Framework including additional sample APIs are now available here. This latest version incorporates sample (read more)
2 December 2019
An updated response to the RBA’s Conclusion Paper regarding NPP Functionality and Access is now available. In July 2019, NPP (read more)
31 October 2019
NPP Australia (NPPA) has today published details of its ongoing investment in the NPP, to extend and enhance the capability (read more)
28 October 2019
One of the ways that an organisation may choose to interact with the platform is by becoming an Overlay Service (read more)
8 October 2019
An article written by an academic has appeared on multiple media platforms last week implying that NPP Australia does not (read more)
20 September 2019
The New Payments Platform operates with security and fraud front of mind, which is why our regulations require NPP participants (read more)
20 August 2019
Response to the RBA’s NPP Functionality and Access Consultation: Conclusions Paper In June 2019, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) (read more)
30 July 2019
The next generation of real-time payments: An international scan Real-Time Payments 2.0 is a white-paper that explores key trends and opportunities in global (read more)
2 July 2019
NPP Australia welcomes the RBA’s Conclusions Paper into NPP Functionality and Access Consultation in line with our shared commitment to (read more)
13 June 2019
NPP Australia has released a standardised QR code specification for the New Payments Platform (NPP), in line with its ambition (read more)
3 June 2019
A new version of the NPP API Framework, initially launched in September 2018, is now available. NPP Australia’s General Manager of (read more)
22 May 2019
NPP Australia and Stone & Chalk partnered during the month of May to bring a masterclass on the New Payments (read more)
21 May 2019
Following a successful go-live in November 2017, the New Payments Platform (NPP) was opened to the Australian public on 13 (read more)
19 February 2019
NPP Australia is seeking input from interested stakeholders on the development of NPP ISO 20022 message usage guidelines for payroll, (read more)
4 February 2019
New Payments Platform Australia (NPPA) Board has appointed Bob McKinnon as the company’s new independent Chair. His appointment is the (read more)
31 January 2019
Supporting third party payment initiation on the NPP. The Treasurer yesterday announced an Inquiry into Future Directions for the Consumer (read more)
23 January 2019
This paper is NPP Australia Limited’s submission in response to the RBA’s consultation on the New Payments Platform functionality and (read more)
3 December 2018
SWIFT, in its role as a leading technology company in the financial sector, in conjunction with NPP Australia - the (read more)
17 October 2018
The New Payments Platform brings important payments capabilities to Australia. It’s a platform that offers speed, data capabilities and simpler (read more)
20 September 2018
A new API Framework has been released by NPP Australia that will help enable a wide range oforganisations to develop (read more)
18 September 2018
CEO of New Payments Platform says organisations are wrong to assume they must connect directly to the new real-time payments (read more)
27 August 2018
The NPP moves account holders’ money in real-time and according to the Productivity Commission, may be expected, at some point (read more)
3 August 2018
This paper is NPP Australia Limited’s submission in response to the ASX’s consultation paper “CHESS Replacement Scope and Implementation Plan” (read more)
22 June 2018
The New Payments Platform (NPP) has been recognised at the New South Wales 2018 State iAwards– one of Australia’s premier (read more)
18 June 2018
The New Payments Platform (NPP) is new, world-leading domestic payments infrastructure that enables connected Australian financial institutions to offer their (read more)
18 May 2018
What does the 2018-19 Federal Budget mean for the NPP? This week’s 2018-19 Federal Budget unveiled plans to invest more (read more)
10 May 2018
#COLLABNPP May-July 2018 NPP Australia is interested in collaborating with RegTech organisations to explore potential opportunities for developing innovative compliance (read more)
4 May 2018
Recently the New Payments Platform (NPP) opened to the public. As well as enabling customers of different banks to make (read more)
6 March 2018
PayID is an optional new payment addressing service that enables users to elect somethingeasy to remember - like a phone (read more)
17 February 2018
A new payments system has officially launched in Australia today, giving consumers and businesses access to the most modern payments (read more)
13 February 2018
The New Payments Platform means people and businesses can pay money instantly into another person’s or a business account 24 (read more)
13 February 2018
The New Payments Platform Australia (NPPA) today announced its shareholders have appointed Chloe Munro AO as an independent Director, after (read more)
13 February 2018
Payments infrastructure that enables customers with accounts at different banks, building societies and credit unions to make real-time data-rich payments (read more)
13 February 2018
Australian's can soon forget their BSB and account number, because so many of us already do. From today, a national (read more)
9 February 2018
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