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Australia's domestic debit network

Australia’s domestic debit card payments network was introduced in 1984. eftpos has since launched a centralised network and contactless chip in 2014, and mobile payments in 2017.

eftpos provides a lower cost payment option for business owners that also benefits their customers and keeps Australians safe with best practice security technologies. 

As the world keeps changing, you can count on eftpos to keep evolving with it. By designing solutions with small business owners and customers in mind, eftpos is changing the way Australians pay for the better.


Real-time, data-rich payments 

The New Payments Platform (NPP), was launched as a national infrastructure in 2018. Supporting real-time data-rich payments, the NPP was developed to enable consumers, businesses and government agencies to make real-time payments 24/7/365. 

And, being data-rich, the NPP allows more information to travel with payments for efficient and automated processes.

Whether it be for simple account-to-account payments or more complex business, corporate and government payments, we continually evolve the NPP’s capability to meet the future needs of the Australian digital economy.


Secure bill payments

BPAY was established in 1997, and for over 25 years has enabled easy and secure bill payments directly through online and mobile banking.

Over 150 banks have BPAY within their online banking, and over 60,000 businesses offer BPAY as a payment choice - helping customers pay bills securely while making it easier to reconcile their accounts receivable. 

As a consumer, you can choose which account to pay bills from, and schedule payments on a date that works for you, so long as you have funds available in your account on the scheduled date. Those are just some of the ways BPAY is in your corner.


Digital identity verification

Our digital identity solution, ConnectID®, is rolling out gradually across institutions and businesses in Australia during 2023.

ConnectID makes it easier to verify who you are, using organisations you already trust. By facilitating secure data exchange, ConnectID provides access to a range of digital products and services which may have previously required significant time to complete manually.

With ConnectID a business can verify a customer’s identity in real-time - confirming important details such as age, simplifying customer onboarding, and providing a seamless checkout experience.


Digital wallet solutions

Through Beem, we've been building digital wallet solutions since 2018.

AP+ is providing this technology as a plug-and-go solution, so apps and websites can be turned into fully functioning digital wallets, with custom branded checkout, loyalty integration and more.

These digital wallet solutions help businesses own the checkout experience, both in-store and online, and allow them to understand customer purchasing habits to help optimise performance.

Open payments

AP+ is building open access to the Australian payments ecosystem. We are uniquely placed to provide the technology to allow apps and online checkouts to power diverse and rich experiences for end-users. Through our QR payment system, plugging into the open payments ecosystem means accessing a range of digital solutions designed to suit customers - like value-adding experiences and tailored integrations that can help contact, attract, retain and engage customers.


AP+ acknowledges the Gadigal People of the Eora nation as the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we are based and pays our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise all Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples ongoing connection to the lands and waters of Australia and thank them for protecting and for their pivotal role in the creation of this beautiful place. Always was and always will be Aboriginal Land.

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