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The AP+ POV Podcast is a thought leadership series exploring the key topic of trust—its meaning, how to earn it, and how to protect it. Since 2022, AP+ has aimed to inspire trust in its products and offerings while addressing the growing complexity of frauds and scams in Australia. Though AP+ is a relatively new integrated entity, our trusted brands have a legacy spanning decades.


Building citizen trust for successful digital ID services

Guests: First Assistant Secretary, Digital ID and Data Policy Division, Department of Finance, John Shepherd & MD, ConnectID Andrew Black / Hosted by Chief Commercial Officer Dave Ellett

In our second episode, First Assistant Secretary, Digital ID and Data Policy Division, Department of Finance, John Shepherd & Managing Director, ConnectID, Andrew Black join Chief Commercial Officer Dave Ellett to take a deep dive into what trust means in the digital ID world, how to build trust with citizens and what are some of the main blockers to trust. We look at the past, at personal use cases and toward a future Australia that is the envy of the digital identity world.


What do we mean by trust, and why is it important?

Guests: CEO Lynn Kraus & Chair Catherine Brenner / Hosted by Chief Commercial Officer Dave Ellett

In our first episode, our Chair, Catherine Brenner, CEO Lynn Kraus and regular host, Chief Commercial Officer Dave Ellett examine what trust is, and what it means to them individually and for AP+ as an organisation. We will be exploring the role trust plays at, meeting expectations, operational excellence, communication, monitoring & response, and integrity.

 Discover the world of fast payments with "NPP Soundbites," a podcast that delves deep into the innovative use of the New Payments Platform (NPP). In this series of concise audio interviews, organisations and government departments share their unique insights on harnessing the NPP to drive payments innovation, both now and in the future. Join us as we explore how these entities leverage the NPP today and how the NPP Roadmap is shaping their future ambitions.


Using PayID to combat scams: ABA’s Christine Cupitt

Recently the Australian Banking Association (ABA) and participating member banks launched the “Australian Banks: Working to Protect You” campaign to help protect customers against the growing threat of scams. During this campaign, the ABA highlighted that PayID helps to stop scams because unlike traditional payments, the payer can see a confirmation screen with the intended payee’s PayID name before making the payment.

Here, Christine Cupitt, Chief of Policy & Strategy ABA, discusses the types of scams we are seeing in the Australian market and the role PayID is playing to help protect Australian consumers and businesses.


The NPP and the digital economy: Minister Jane Hume

In a recent speech to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia, Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and the Digital Economy, Jane Hume, called out the NPP as a key driver of Australia’s digital economy. In this episode of NPP Soundbites, we invited Minister Hume to describe how she sees the NPP  evolving areas such as einvoicing, government payments, superannuation and the Consumer Data Right.


UK real-time payments case study: Pay.UK’s Kate Frankish – Interview 1

In the United Kingdom, the roll-out of real-time payments and Open Banking  is slightly ahead of Australia, offering an important case study for the Australian market. This is this first of two interviews with Kate Flemish from the UK’s leading payment authority, Pay.UK. In this episode she discusses the impact of Open Banking on real-time account-to-account payments and the significant work underway to develop a new payments architecture for the country.


UK real-time payments case study: Pay.UK’s Kate Frankish – Interview 2

This is this second of two interviews with Kate Flemish from the UK’s leading payment authority, Pay.UK. Hear Kate discuss what we can learn from the UK’s introduction of Request to Pay, and fighting scams and fraud with Confirmation of Payee.


Bain & Co’s Richard Fleming: global trends to shape payments in 2022

As co-leader of Bain & Company’s Global Digital Banking Initiative, Richard Fleming’s work finds him at the heart of transformative change within organisations in the banking, insurance, wealth management and payments sectors. In this final episode for 2021, Richard reflects on global trends driving change and what the Australian payments landscape could look like in 2022 when third party payment initiation arrives in the form of PayTo.


Chubb breaks new ground with ANZ, offering instant payouts via the NPP

Chubb Insurance is the first insurer to use the NPP to offer instant payouts to its customers. In this episode hear Chubb’s Gerard Sitaramayya and ANZ’s Michael Lim, discuss how this award winning solution has overhauled Chubb’s customer experience and vastly improved operational efficiency.


What’s in a name? The story behind PayTo

Earlier this year, PayTo was revealed as the name for the NPP’s Mandated Payments Service – the new, digital way for merchants and businesses to initiate real-time payments from their customers’ bank accounts.

Hear Richard Curtis from FutureBrand discuss the process his organisation followed with NPP Australia to identify the PayTo moniker from a sea of possibilities. It’s a great listen for anyone who develops, names and markets products in the payments and financial services sectors.


Technology facilitated abuse and the NPP

The data richness of NPP payments, including the ability to include longer descriptions with a payment, is a central benefit of the New Payments Platform. However, like other technology carriers, this benefit is open to misuse.

Hear Karen Bentley, CEO of Wesnet (the National peak body for specialist women’s domestic and family violence services) and Catherine Fitzpatrick, the Director of Customer Vulnerability & Financial Resilience at Westpac, discuss the serious issue of technology facilitated abuse and how the financial services industry and NPP ecosystem are responding.


Data-rich real-time payments around the world

Anita LeMaire from FIS Global draws from the Flavors of Fast 2020 and the Performance Against Customer Expectations (PACE) reports to take us on a trip around the world to look at the latest developments in data-rich real-time payments.


Services Australia: delivering real-time emergency payments 24/7

Since launching on the NPP in late 2018, Services Australia has used the ‘always on’ real-time platform to make emergency payments to respond to bushfires, floods and the COVID19 pandemic. In this episode of NPP Soundbites Jarrod Moore, Services Australia’s Director of Payments, Strategy and Transformation describes the tangible impact NPP payments can have during an emergency situation, and how the government department plans to use the platform’s capabilities in the future.


Up: the NPP and ‘conversational payments’

When digital bank ‘Up’ launched in 2018, its unique proposition was quickly taken up by a young customer base – some who had never heard of three day bank transfers or BSB and account numbers. In this episode of NPP Soundbites, hear Up’s cofounder, Dominica Pym, and Head of Product, Anson Parker, discuss the role the NPP plays in its unique proposition, both now and in the future.


GoCardless: lessons in third party payment initiation from the UK

Luke Fossett from GoCardless discusses the potential of ‘PayTo’, NPP’s mandated payments service.  In particular, we look at lessons from the UK market when it comes to third party payment initiation and Open Banking.


NAB’s Rachel Slade: lessons learned from NPP roll-out

Rachel Slade has watched the New Payments Platform (NPP) grow from multiple perspectives. As a director on NPP Australia’s Board and from within participating organisations, most recently as Group Executive Personal Banking at the National Australia Bank. In this episode Rachel reflects on whether the NPP we see today meets the expectations set by the Real Time Payments Committee back in 2013, and the lessons to apply to the future delivery of the NPP’s Mandated Payments Service.


The Clearing House: fast payments in the United States

Shortly before the launch of Australia’s NPP, in late 2017 The Clearing House rolled out America’s first real-time payments infrastructure – the RTP network. In this episode, take a virtual trip to the United States to hear Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Development at The Clearing House, Steve Ledford, describe what fast payments look like in the United States, including the use cases driving the RTP’s growth. 


Reserve Bank of Australia’s Stephanie Connors discusses government use of the NPP

When the COVID19 pandemic was declared, government departments charged with responding to the emergency used the NPP to access funding in near real-time, thanks to a significant program of work that was completely literally weeks before. In this episode of NPP Soundbites, Deputy Head of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Banking Department, Stephanie Connors, describes this work and why we are just seeing the beginning of the modernisation of the government’s banking capabilities using the NPP.


Azupay’s John Murphy says consumer adoption is key to moving innovation onto the NPP

John Murphy is the recently appointed CEO of Azupay, one of the first organisations to offer C2B payments via the NPP. John was also a founding member of the Real Time Payments Committee in 2013, which designed the strategy and design concept for the NPP. In this episode John explains the innovation being developed by Azupay to enable real-time C2B payments and disbursements. He also discusses why he thinks collective industry energy will increase innovation on the NPP.


Block8: combining fast payments with DLT and blockchain

The application of blockchain in payments is a topic often debated.  In this episode of NPP Soundbites, Samuel Brooks, the Chief Technology Officer at Block8, explains how his blockchain development studio has created and delivered enterprise solutions that combine block chain with real-time payments on the NPP.


Split Payments: Combining the NPP with Open Banking

In episode five of NPP Soundbites, Adrian Kennedy, Cofounder and Executive Director of Split Payments explains how the fintech is combining the NPP with Open Banking to drastically enhance and improve account-to-account banking. He also makes a case for placing morality at the heart of future payments innovation.


Assembly Payments: using the NPP to enable future business models

Tim Dickinson is co-CEO of Assembly Payments, the first non bank to go live on the NPP, and an organisation that has now moved more than AUD$4b  across the platform. In this NPP Soundbite, Tim explains how Assembly Payments has evolved its NPP enabled offerings since it launched two years ago, and why he’s excited about the development of the NPP’s Mandated Payments Service.


Simone Joyce discusses the MPS and Fintech participation in the NPP

Fintech Australia Chair and CEO and co-founder of Paypa Plane, Simone Joyce, discusses the Mandated Payments Service, Fintech participation in the NPP and adapting government regulatory framework to support wider NPP participation.


Helping rapidly scaling companies remove obstacles to their growth

Monoova is an NPP Identified Institution and early NPP adopter. CEO Christian Westerlind Wigstrom explains how Monoova uses the NPP’s capabilities to offer real-time account payables and receivables functionality, helping rapidly scaling companies remove obstacles to their growth.


Financial wellbeing and the NPP

Earnd uses the NPP to enable employees to access up to 50 per cent of their pay in real-time without charge. General Manager of Earnd Australia, Brad Joffe, explains how the fintech accesses the NPP to improve people’s lives.


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