​Australian Payments Plus’ support for Digital Identity Bill 2023 

1 December 2023
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Privacy. Security. Interoperability. 

​​Australian Payments Plus (AP+) today affirmed its support for the Federal Government’s Digital Identity Bill 2023, hailing it as an important step in modernising Australia’s identity infrastructure.  

​​AP+ Chief Executive Officer, Lynn Kraus welcomed the introduction of the Bill, saying it strengthened the accreditation scheme for providers of digital ID services, such as AP’s ConnectID.  

​​“ConnectID was the first non-government digital ID service provider accredited under the existing Trusted Digital Identity Framework. It’s something we’re very proud of,” Ms Kraus said.  

​​“The legislation makes clear that the choice to use a Digital ID remains in the control of each Australian –it is fully voluntary approach, we also recognise that this legislation will give Australians, who choose digital means to further protect their data, an extra level of confidence as it further strengthens the already strong privacy safeguards that are in place for the creation and use of digital IDs from accredited providers such as ourselves.”  

​​Ms Kraus said the benefits of consumer choice, consumer control, data minimisation and greater resilience against identity theft will only be achieved when there is the full public and private sector interoperability.  

​​“Australians should be able to choose who they trust to provide their personal Digital ID, we welcome the chance to work with government on delivering the best digital ID system for all Australians who choose to use a Digital ID in their daily lives,” she said.  

​​ConnectID Managing Director, Andrew Black said the legislation will yield benefits across the economy.  

​​“Australians who choose to use a Digital ID will be able to go about their daily lives in a safer and more secure manner, limiting the number of times they have hand over personal information to prove who they are.   

​​“This next generation of legislation enhances privacy and security for those Australian’s would like to use a Digital ID in their daily lives, they will be able to avail of greater privacy and security benefits a Digital ID can provide.   

​​“In ConnectID, we see how a national approach to Digital ID will meet the needs of Australian’s by preserving their ability to choose their preferred identity provider to securely identify themselves as they access different government agencies and businesses in their daily lives.  

​​“A Digital ID system built on trust, transparency, consumer choice and privacy is an essential part of Australia’s National Strategy for Identity and will also be a key pillar of the 2023-2030 Cybersecurity Strategy to build Australia's resilience to cyber threats and identity fraud across the nation.”  

​​“For the broader economy, a whole-of-economy digital ID system is a significant economic and security opportunity. Productivity and privacy gains stand to be made by simplifying the Ddigital ID system,” Mr Black said.  

​​In October 2023 AP+ launched ConnectID to enable people to securely verify their identity to third parties without having to repeatedly share any unnecessary data about themselves. Instead of providing proof of identity documents, consumers can now ask a participating business to verify their information using organisations they already trust with their data, like their bank. ConnectID is now available to Commonwealth Bank (CBA) and National Australia Bank (NAB) customers. It also has strong industry support with other strategic partners including Westpac and ANZ.  

​​ConnectID is intended to be a whole-of-economy identity verification solution with uses across governments, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, retail, travel, hospitality and payments. ConnectID is purposefully designed to support and complement government identity initiatives and to be a hub in our national Digital ID System to address the growing issue of identity theft and data breaches.  

​​ConnectID doesn’t see or store personal information, it simply acts as a bridge between an organisation that wants to verify someone’s identity and the organisation providing that verification. This only happens when the customer authorises it. This means ConnectID combines the convenience of real time identity verification with enhanced security, privacy, and consent. 




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